Foodie Throw Back.

Who remembers this or even tasted the moin moin in the Tin, moin moinIt is popularly called Moin Moin Alagolo. Continue reading


20 Life Lessons i Learnt from Stephen Akintayo!

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It’s so funny How time Flies Really,I can not believe Seven Month Has Passed already, Like My Friend said we have Constipation of information (Whatever that means! ) Lol! Continue reading

Dooneys Kitchen Launches the Maiden edition of from Hobby To Passion!

Dooney’s Kitchen is one amazing Place, Her Creativity is out of this world, Her manner of writing will make you stick to her blog, I remember the first day I got to her Blog, i had this friend that came to say Hi, so I quickly went to her Blog to check how to make Ofada stew, I was not disappointed, that was like three years ago. So I interviewed her on this Fridays special edition, of from “Hobby to passion” by the way she is the First to Feature!  You will be amazed at her works! Her creativity is Great!

Did I Mention she is not Nigeria Based, I mean she is a Nigerian but she is not based in Nigeria, she has made us proud  outside the shores of Nigeria!


Ewajoint: Hello can we please meet you? Continue reading

Why you don’t need Seasonings in cooking beans

         Do i have witnesses who can bare with me that each time Mummy called us to peel Onion we always ran away from that Task, i hated peeling  Onion,…Arrrrrrrrg! it made me cry, It was so bad that even when my sister asked me to go grind Beans or pepper she would give me money to buy onions, i always  used  the Money to buy  biscuits. I really kept my sister in serious trouble because there were times the stew and beans tasted differently, i wonder why she didn’t notice, i hope she is not reading this! Am sorry Sis! Lol  My Mum actually solved the problem sheonions gave a solution, One day Continue reading